What is an escape room?

An escape room is a specially designed room in which a group of people work together to solve puzzles, find clues and use their wits to escape the room... before time runs out!  Fun, exciting and challenging, our escape room is a cross between "Hunt for Red October" and "Indiana Jones."

 Arizona Mobile Escape offers a challenging escape experience inside a state of the art, climate-controlled adventure trailer. Book your escape room game, and we'll bring the escape room fun to right to your door!

How It Works




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Relax until we get there...

Find the clues, solve the puzzles, and make your


The AZ Mobile Escape Experience

What's different about AZ Mobile Escape?

We come to you!   AZ Mobile Escape has a 24' trailer with state of the art games, and a climate controlled environment.  Convenient, comfortable, exciting and challenging, AZ Mobile Escape brings the escape room fun to you!  (FYI:  some "mobile" escape rooms simply bring a tent or setup walls and call it mobile. Try Arizona's Mobile Escape trailer and experience the difference!)

What is it like in the AZ Mobile Escape room? 
The AZ Mobile Escape room is a submarine escape adventure, designed by former Hollywood
production designer, Andrew Hall
When you enter the room you will receive your mission and mission manual. 
"It's the end of the war, and your submarine (the USS Whale Shark) has received torpedo damage.  
One of your engines is out, so you're limping back to base for repairs, when you spot an armada
of enemy ships. While your crew races to fix the engines and prepare the torpedos, the first and
most vital task is to communicate the coordinates back to headquarters...but if your radio broadcast
is heard, you will be torpedoed, and the armada could reach the US mainland..."
You have 60 minutes to complete your mission...
Do you have what it takes to escape?  To find out, book your escape room adventure today with AZ Mobile Escape!

Plan your Escape

Work and Corporate Events

15 minute,

30 minute or

1 hour escapes

Family and


30 minute &

1 hour escapes


Group Events

15 minute,

30 minute or

1 hour escapes.

Tips, Hints & Strategies

1. Explore

3. Use brains

Not brawn

2. Follow your manual

Get the lay of the land, so you have a general idea of where things are.

You may also want to choose a group leader;

 the person that reads the manual and assigns tasks.

You will be given a mission to complete, along with a task manual.  Take your time and follow the clues.  Each clue  builds on the previous one, so you need to go in order.  There is no point in randomly trying to solve puzzles.

If done correctly, all of the puzzles will work and all locks will open easily.  Please don't try to use brute force - use teamwork, good communication, wits, and reasoning.  If you're stuck, ask your game master for a hint (yes that is allowed!)

4. Have Fun!

This is not a competition or an attempt to make anyone feel silly.  It can be a different way of thinking, and some people are better at one game or the other.  This is a team game and everyone has something they can contribute, even if it's just enthusiasm and cheering on the team.

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